Ignite Conference 2017 Devotional - I'm not ready. But I will be.

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Yesterday someone asked me what I expected to get out of the Ignite Conference, and I didn’t have an answer. After working (what feels like 24/7) in the office and at home, I'd forgotten to stop, and prepare by heart. I’ve been working at such a rush, that I was actually preparing my heart to rush through these next few days, without even looking up.  

So today, during all work we were doing, I pulled some people aside and asked them what they were excited for - and what they expected God to do over these next 4 days.

I loved what they said, and it reminded me of all the things I could have been focussing on. And so, I wanted to share them.

First, I asked my friend Wren. She said,

"I think I’m like a lot of people, in that I really gain from the wisdom of others in times of sharing like in workshops and small groups. And so I’m excited to hear the student’s points of view, and see the Conference – even just for a little bit – through their eyes. I’ve never been before either, and so I feel like we’ll be experiencing that at the same time. People of all ages and experiences are going to be together in the same place and are going through this journey, and I get to be a part of that."  

Casey is from America, and he came over the serve with NET Ministries. He's never been to Ignite before, but has been caught up in the whirlwind of preparation over this last week. He said, 

"I’m excited to serve people, and to be an instrument for God’s will. As a small group leader, we’ll get to be with people as they journey with Jesus. Whether it’s for the first time or for the 20 billionth time. Myself included, I’m excited to experience him myself in a way that I haven’t before. That won’t happen unless I let him love me. So that’s it. I’m expecting him love me."

Finally, I asked Darcy. He’s been to way more Conference’s than me, as a high schooler, and now in the Central stream. He’s also on the National NET Team, so he’ll be serving up a storm at Conference.

"I’m ready to be awakened and stirred up in my faith. I’m really pumped to see the keynotes and workshops of course, but it’s in the rallies where I’m really pushed to get out of my comfort zone. I can kind of break free, from my thoughts, destress and all that, and allow God some room to take over. I’m pumped for the young people to experience that too. Each year it's my favourite part – to see hundreds of young people become so open, to step out and feel safe and encouraged to do something different."

It didn't take much, but hearing from other people reminded me that I wasn't going to Conference to rush around like a crazy person. I was going so I could respond to Christ's invitation. Come. 

We have one more day. Why not remove yourself from the rush – even for a few moments - and take some time to pray about what you're actually hoping to experience? Tomorrow, take your time, and take it in. And respond when Christ tells you to come.