Songs of Ignite Conference 2017


Love the worship of Ignite Conference 2017 and want to get it all in one place? Well here’s the list of songs that emmanuelworship played! There are so many reasons why we seriously LOVE these songs. They're dang catchy, incredibly written (by people who know & love God), the lyrics are relatable and they're a really good prayer tool. If you're like us, and love to bring music into your prayer times, check them out and bring them into your every day life. Plus, the sweet tunes are an easy listen for everyone - whether they heard them first at Ignite Conference, or playing in your car. 

Ventus [noise from heaven] Album:

At Conference, emmanuelworship gave us a sneak peak of their new album, Ventus [noise from heaven]. They recorded it live from Mueller College and it is dropping in December this year. 

Seriously, make sure you stay tuned and grab this album as soon as it is released. We can't get these songs out of our head, and we're not mad about it. If you're interested, or want to stay up to date with emmanuelworship you can also follow them on instagram and facebook just head to @emmanuelworship. 

Mercy Album:

One EP:

Revolution Album:

The mass parts used for the celebration of the Eucharist at Ignite Conference were emmanuelworship’s Rivers Mass Settingsthey are approved by ICEL and the Australian Bishops Commission for Liturgy and can be purchased for use in your parish, school or community right here!