Our Team

Here are some of the legends that make up the staff of Ignite Youth!

Kym Keady (2).jpg

Director - Kym Keady

Kym Keady is the Director of Ignite Youth, with over 25 years experience in youth ministry. As a counsellor, author, inspirational speaker, wife and mum to 3 teenagers, she continues to draw on her passion to help young people realise their potential and worth. Kym is also a co-founder of 'Real Talk' - a ministry designed to help young people understand the value of sex and relationships.

Ignite Youth Brisbane

Tash Mierendorf

Tash is the Ignite Conference Sponsorship Coordinator and serves on the Ignite Youth Leadership team. She is involved in ministry to Young Adults and development of the Ignite Grow resources. She has over 8 years of youth ministry experience, including volunteering and working for NET Ministries Australia. Married to Stephen and mother of two, Tash is passionate about young adults being supported their Catholic faith and resourcing the Church to evangelise.

Liam Desic

Liam Desic is part of the Ignite Youth Leadership Team and is a drummer for emmanuelworship. He is passionate about creating top quality resources for youth ministries and engaging with young people who are new to faith in creative and relatable ways.

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Nick Kelly

Nick Kelly started his journey in youth ministry in 2012 as a youth group leader, followed by 2 years with NET Australia, time as a Campus Minister before finally starting with Ignite Youth. He is a point leader for Ignite LIVE, Launch and Summer Camp, and serves as part of the Ignite Leadership Team. Nick is excited for the future of the church, and is passionate about setting hearts on fire.

Odyn McInnes sq.jpg

Odyn McInnes

Odyn McInnes leads Ignite High, Ignite Youth’s high school program, and has been involved in youth ministry through NET Ministries and Red Frogs. He is passionate about seeing high schoolers flourish and become all they were made to be. In his other life, he is a qualified archaeologist and is currently completing a Masters degree in Teaching.

Katelyn Ross sq.jpg

Katelyn Ross

Katelyn Ross is the Conference Performance Coordinator and Youth Event Administrator for Ignite Youth, with 5 years of experience working in youth ministry and over 10 years experience performing onstage. She is also a national presenter for Real Talk Australia with her husband Matthew, and her heart is in sharing God's true plan for life with young people. She has danced both professionally and at high school, and has been the dance coordinator of Ignite Conference since 2014. She specialises in contemporary, jazz, and loves to throw a little tap and hip hop into the mix to keep things interesting. She has recently graduated with a Bachelor of International Relations & Peace and Conflict Studies, and has undertaken researching internships with non-government organisations. She believes in the dignity of each person and our responsibility through Catholic Social Teaching to promote justice, peace and care for the poor.

Chiara Keady

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