Introducing the new Young Adults Festival



Truly the best way to cap off 2018

December 6 - 9

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Rock up with your mates - tents, camp chairs and eskies crammed into the boot. Snag yourself a spot amongst the trees with a view and battle it out with everyone else for the best camp set up. It’s getting dark, so crank the gas cookers for some snags and pasta salad rolls, or head on over to our food stall for gourmet cheeseburgers and fries. Once night time rolls in, head up to the bonfire for a bit

before stepping into an incredible night of prophetic worship and preaching under the huge marquee. Afterwards finish the night with a cold one at the Festival Bar. Wake up to the smell of brekky and coffee before rolling into the day cooling off at Somerset Dam. Hit the waterslide or maybe a late afternoon wine & cheese art class. All in a day at YA Festival.


Stillwood Farm, Brisbane Valley

265 Woodgate Road, Crossdale QLD


What registration does include:

A camping spot with parking, amazing live worship and speakers, toilets, showers, activities during the day.

What registration does not include:

Tents, food, drinks from the bar, power.


Everything you need to know

All the deets for YA Festival


First Things First

  • Girls, guys and married couples will all have separate camping areas.

  • Other than what we’ll provide, expect to be self sufficient.

  • Strictly no outside alcohol is to be brought on to the site.

  • Food can be bought from the food tent anytime if you have a regular ticket.

  • You need to bring all your own camping gear.

  • YA Festival is located at 265 Woodgate Road, Crossdale QLD




3pm Gates Open

6pm Bar / Food Tent Opens

8pm - Late Night Session


8:30am Breakfast Opens

10:30 -11:15am Morning Session

12:30pm - 1:30pm Lunch Opens

3pm Afternoon Activities

6pm Bar / Food Tent Opens

8pm Late – Night Session


8:30am Breakfast Opens

10:30 -11:15am Morning Session

12:30pm - 1:30pm Lunch Opens

3pm Afternoon Activities

6pm Bar / Food Tent Opens

8pm - Late Night Session


8:30am Breakfast Opens

10:30 -11:45am Morning Session

12pm Lunch Opens

1pm Finish

Arrive any time after 3pm on Thursday the 6th to start setting up your site in time for dinner at about 6:00pm.

If you need to arrive on Friday or Saturday, just find one of our team who will be able to direct you to a campsite and let you know what’s going on. 


The street address of our campsite is, 265 Woodgate Road, Crossdale QLD. This site is private property, generously gifted to us to use for the festival. As you drive up the drive way you’ll be directed to your camping spot and where you can park your car next to your camp spot, or in the parking area.



Whether you’ve camped a million times before or you’re new to outdoor living, camping is always better with mates, so we recommend pooling your resources and creating a home away from home with a group.

You have the option to park your car next to your camp area, or to park in the parking area and carry your gear over. Note that if you park at your camp site you will not be able to drive out for the duration of festival unless there is a clear driving path out.

As you arrive you’ll be directed to our camping spots where you can pitch your tent, set up your tarp, gas cooker and create your living room for the weekend.

 Our campsite will be divided into a men’s section, women’s section and a married couples’ section. 

You can‘t have any fires at your site other than gas cookers, there is a massive bonfire in the Festival Area.

Waste Management

There will be multiple rubbish collection points around the site for General, Recycling and Compostable Waste. If you are collecting rubbish at your camp site please keep them separated as such and transfer to the bins accordingly.


We’re shipping in toilets and showers, which will be at a central point of our site. Because our facilities are rented portables, we’ll be limiting showers to a couple minutes.

There is no power at our site so get ready to detox and enjoy a low tech few days!

There is a corner store about 10 minutes’ drive from our campsite, and the nearest Woolworths is in Esk about 30 minutes from our site.


Food for the festival is up to you, you can self-cater (there will be plenty of time to cook meals), pre-buy meal tickets or purchase a single meal from our food tent onsite.

If you do want to self-cater, make sure you bring a gas cooker as you won’t be able to have a fire place at your campsite. It would be a good idea to bring an esky, plates, knives and forks and any washing up gear you may need.

There are BBQ facilities at Somerset Dam which is a short 10-minute drive away, we’ll spend a fair bit of time there during the day so you may want to plan a BBQ lunch some time.


Our bar will be open every evening before dinner and after our evening session and will be selling, beer, cider, wine and soft drink. We ask that you don’t BYO any alcohol and that alcoholic beverages remain in the bar space. 


Some things you’ll need to make sure you bring yourself are

  • Water for the 4 days

  • Tent, tarp, sleeping gear and other camping gear you may need

  • Gas cooker and food if you’re planning on self-catering

  • Any personal stuff you need!