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We’re stoked you’re here.

Maybe you've been told about us by a friend, you heard about us at your school or uni campus, or you rocked up to one of our events and want to know more. That’s why we’re here.

Right now you might not know much about faith or God or religion or any of that stuff. Awesome – none of us knew anything about that stuff once either, so you’re in good company.

Basically we are young people who believe in God's love. We've experienced Jesus in a real way and something in our lives has been changed. We want you to know the freedom, love and peace that we’ve found.

We like to think about faith as an adventure. At the start of a road-trip you may have a few questions about where you’re headed – or maybe a hundred. Don’t worry, we can cover those along the way. But if you’re new to the whole God thing or just in need of a refresher, we've created some basic info to get you started.

If you're curious about what it means to follow Jesus we recommend reading 'What's The Deal With Jesus' then check out the 'Follow' series - a step by step intro to faith and what it's all about. There's also heaps more articles, videos and faith-building stuff under the GROW tab.

If you'd like to connect with us just fill out the form above and we will get back to you ASAP. If you are a high schooler or young adult looking for some new people to hang with, we can point you in the right direction.

Thanks for visiting Ignite Youth. Hope to hear from you soon!