What's The Deal with Jesus?

Alot of people say different things about Jesus – the most famous person in history. Some of your friends might say he was a good moral leader, which is a bit like calling someone ‘a nice bloke’. Others may tell you the whole story’s a scam and refuse to believe anything the bible says, which is a real pity especially if it turns out to be true.

For us Jesus is more than a nice bloke, more than distant religious figure or moral leader – he is someone we experience personally, someone who is real in our daily lives and walks with us through life. In Jesus, God has become our best friend. He is on our side, ready to forgive us our sins every day and help us up when we fall down. On top of this, his example of how to live, forgive and treat others is unequaled in the world. Jesus is not a scam or false advertising. He is the real thing. Jesus rocks!

Jesus is not a scam or false advertising. He is the real thing

Jesus was fully human so he knows what it’s like for us to struggle in life. But the big secret is that He was also fully God. Jesus himself made radical claims like “I and the Father are one”, and “I am the way, the truth and the life. No-one can come to the Father except through me” (John 10:30, John 14:5-7)

These claims were the very thing that got him in big trouble with his religious leaders and nailed to a cross 2000 years ago. The only thing they didn’t see coming was his rising from the dead three days later. Ever heard of Easter? This is what the cute bunny and chocolate eggs are all about!  Jesus’ resurrection was the clincher, the big event proving that JC was who he said he was – the son of God. His resurrection from the dead was witnessed by thousands of people and written about in four letters called the Gospels (they’re in the Bible – check the story out in Luke 24:1-52)

As followers of Jesus, we live each day in freedom knowing that any of the wrong things we have done are forgiven through his death on the cross. We are inspired by his example to change the world through the power of love and share what we’ve received. Best of all we have confidence that at the end of this life we will rise with Jesus to live with God forever in perfect love, peace, happiness and joy – aka ‘heaven’.

"God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only son, so that whoever believes in him would live forever"

(John 3:16)

True, it takes faith to believe that Jesus really was who he said he was. But we reckon it takes more faith to believe that the world came from nothing, our lives mean nothing, God isn’t real and the whole Jesus story is an elaborate scam. Jesus brings meaning and purpose to life like nobody or anything else can!

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Next we challenge you to do something crazy; grab a copy of the New Testament (the bible) and read the Gospel of Mathew or Luke from front to back! It will blow your world.

Have fun! 

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