How Thor Created the Christmas Tree

How Thor Created the Christmas Tree

Do you know where the whole ‘Christmas tree idea’ came from?

Apparently the ancient Egyptians and Romans used leaves as a symbol of worship to their Gods. Pagans would bring evergreens into their homes during the winter months and decorate them with nuts to brighten the mood. There are several stories of how this transformed into the modern Christmas tree...

Ignite Conference 2017 Devotional - I'm not ready. But I will be.

Ignite Conference 2017 Devotional - I'm not ready. But I will be.

Yesterday someone asked me what I expected to get out of the Ignite Conference, and I didn’t have an answer. After working (what feels like 24/7) in the office and at home, I'd forgotten to stop, and prepare by heart. I’ve been working at such a rush, that I was actually preparing my heart to rush through these next few days, without even looking up.  

Ignite Conference 2017 Devotional - Come, Holy Spirit

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I’m scared of the dark. Well not so much anymore, but the ‘dark’ was my greatest enemy – each night was an actual nightmare. There was nothing to be afraid of, but for years I was terrified.

Anytime I got scared, my mum and dad would say the same thing to me. “Say a little prayer to the Holy Spirit.” It was almost like my personal mantra.

Come, Holy Spirit. Those three words have been my ‘go to’ prayer ever since. When I needed something, when I was nervous, and often when I was scared I’d reach out to God the easiest way I knew how. What I didn’t realise was I was repeating a prayer that had been around from Church’s very beginning.

As I journey toward the Ignite Conference, I’ve begun to recite that mantra again. Not because I’m scared this time, but because I’m excited, and impatient.

Like in the early Church, speaking, praying, and singing ‘Come, Holy Spirit’ is an invitation to the Spirit of God to come, and be totally present in our lives. It has the power to capture hopeful, or desperate hearts, and bring them into His grace. The prayer is for anyone and everyone, no matter where they are at in their faith journey. At Ignite Conference each year, a generation speaks to God in hope, ready to make change, and be changed. It is a simple prayer, that carries great expectation.

Now is the time to make that prayer again, to grow in readiness and prepare our hearts. It’s the time to ask yourselves, what are you expecting from Ignite Conference? What are you expecting from God? And if you are ready for the answer, pray “Come, Holy Spirit.”

Written by Brigid Todd from Ignite Youth, she will be presenting at this years Ignite Conference.

Ignite Conference 2017 Devotional - Let your Kingdom Come

I’ll never forget the first time I experienced Adoration. I went into the room not really understanding God or what faith was truly about. I had been going to church since I was a child, I’d gone through a Catholic school and been at regular youth groups, but for me, it was a ‘community thing’ not a ‘spiritual thing’.