Ignite Conference 2015 Devotional- One Way

Recently there was some flooding in Brisbane that meant getting home in peak hour traffic was a nightmare! I didn’t want to be stuck in gridlock traffic for hours so I took off after the guy in front of me. He seemed to know a back way so I thought I would follow him.

His ‘shortcut’, however, was going the wrong way down a one-way street! I did not even realise we were on a one way street until I came out the other end of the road and was faced with a pretty angry Toyota driver.

It’s not like I ignored the signs, I just didn’t see them!
I was just following someone else.

And it’s not the first time I’ve followed someone the wrong way.

There has been heaps of times in life when choices I’ve made and things I did had me going down paths I had never meant to take. Maybe at first it seemed like a good idea but as I journeyed on, they never turned out how I had hoped. And like driving, it’s not like I ignored the signs, I wasn’t going the wrong way on purpose. Mostly, I was just following someone else.

But Jesus makes a way for us, He put’s the path before us and leads the way. He asks us everyday, ‘Will you follow me?’

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