Writing a Worship Album: Laurent Dubois

In case you haven’t been in on the hype, emmanuelworship is releasing a new album this year! 'Mercy' is a full length album of new songs, the majority of which have never been heard. emmanuelworship leads us in worship at all of Ignite Youth’s events and as the album’s release approaches we’ve been speaking with the principal songwriters for the album about the process of writing and recording a Catholic worship album. 

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Laurent Dubois

Long time member of emmanuelworship Laurent has been pushing the outfit into newer territories since he joined playing keys - and it has been no different with the several writing credits he has on the album. 


Where does your passion for this album come from?

My core motivation as a musician is to use my gift to bring joy into the lives of others - and at a deeper level to lead people to encounter God through music.  There is definitely a vacuum of good contemporary Catholic music and I’m passionate about seeing music that can be unashamedly Christian but also be at its best quality by today’s standards. The Catholic Church used to be at the pinnacle of the creative arts - commissioning music that was exciting and innovative, I think we’re trying to claim some of that back. 


In the songs you’ve written were there any common themes that came out?

There was definitely this common theme of complete surrender that I tried to draw out of these songs. Acknowledging how my life has changed because of God and the action of worshipping Him because of all he has done. One of the lyrics that came out was something I’ve felt over my life for a while - ‘You have come alive in me’ - which in part is inspired by Galatians 2:20 “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” 


How was it collaborating with other songwriters for the album?

Roby (long-time worship leader and songwriter for emmanuelworship) and I worked a lot together on songs and it was a really fluid relationship. God definitely spoke to us in similar ways but they come out in our own languages which I think really complement each other. I initially brought the song Greater to Roby which was all about celebrating the greatness of God, the Easter story of triumph and his victory. Roby took that and placed in this great set of lyrics that sits as mantra-like counter melody:

‘To the danger zone, the place where no one goes, 
Your heart is bleeding there, and I will go’

Which is such a powerful lyric that is inspired by Steve Allegeyer’s talk at the last Ignite Conference and it lifts this song from how great is God in my life to what I will do now that He has done great things in me.


emmanuelworship's new album will be released at Ignite Conference '16 Revelation and is now available for pre-order plus some extra perks!