Ignite Conference 2017 Devotional - Let them come to me

Over the past five years, I’ve had the pleasure of being a small group leader at Ignite Conference. I’ve seen many faces and had the chance to share many people’s experiences. A few years ago, I was a small group leader for a group of year 12 guys.

There were about 13 or so and for the first few sessions conversation was slow and shallow but eventually they began to open up and share about their lives and the journey they were going on over Conference.

It was so awesome to hear about how they were encountering Jesus through the different events. They really were coming to know the Church and get into their faith in a new way. The best was seeing them grow closer to each other and supporting one another in their individual journeys. When it was time to head home, my small group decided to take some time affirming one another. They encouraged one another and made connections to maintain after Conference.

In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus corrects the disciples after they try to stop a group of young people coming to meet him. He says, “let them come to me. The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those like these”. This scripture really reminds me of the incredible opportunity high schoolers have at Ignite Conference in Small Groups.

They’re welcomed into a safe environment where they can ask questions, raise their doubts, ask for prayer and be affirmed in their faith. Being a small group leader at conference gives is an amazing place to see people change throughout the conference. It’s moments like this that are most rewarding.