Todays Disciples

Session Four cont'd - Follow Series

Hearing 'The Call'

You may be starting to realise that following Jesus isn’t a decision to take lightly. Through the years, starting with the first disciples, there have been millions of people who have 'heard the call' to follow Christ, to be his disciple. Heaven is full of Saints and Martyrs who have given their lives to follow Jesus. The good news is they weren't perfect... and neither do you have to be! It's all about simply starting where you are and taking the first step forward.

Imagine - every time somebody hears the call to follow Jesus, all of heaven leans in - all those who have gone before us - waiting, watching, holding their breath. Why? Because they know that the decision this person makes will change their life forever. It’s a decision they all made themselves and now they are watching with anticipation; "Will they say ‘yes’? Will they join the ranks of the saints and disciples? Will they decide to follow Jesus?"

Prayer To Follow

This prayer below is a way of saying ‘yes’ to following Jesus. Read through it first and, when you feel ready to, speak it out loud as a genuine prayer between yourself and the Lord.


You love me so much; too much to leave me where I am. There is more you want for me - a greater life, a life of purpose, a life of significance.

You have called me to follow you, to be your disciple. Give me the grace to overcome any fears, any obstacles, any excuses that might get in the way.

Lord, like Mary your mother, I say ‘yes’ to following you; ‘yes’ to living the life you call me to; ‘yes’ to being your disciple. Lead me in your ways and fill me with the strength of your Spirit.

In your name I pray


Take the time to write out your own prayer in your journal before heading onto the next session - 'Jesus Sends'.


Tash Mierendorf & Pat Keady (c) 2014 Ignite Youth