I met God this week

It’s so easy for a week to go past and for me to not even recognise where God was, or is working in my life. Especially in the little things. This week I tried to be more aware of where God was trying to meet with me, or speak to me, and this is how it turned out:

Talking to someone I haven’t seen in a while – it was a really quick chat with someone I hadn’t seen in ages. One of those ‘ohh hey! I actually haven’t seen you in forever’. Instead of racing past with a smile and a wave, I took a few minutes to stop and chat. Afterwards, I felt like God had wanted me to meet her there and to say hello. Even if just for a moment. I said a quick prayer for her and her family afterwards and felt grateful to see her.

In Adoration – this one seems obvious, but often I can spend time in Adoration and wonder if God was even in there with me (other than the evident – duh, He’s RIGHT THERE in the Eucharist, of course). This week, I tried to listen and believe. That’s all. Sounds simple when I write it down, but if you’re anything like me then it’s not really second nature. When I did? I experienced God and it was beautiful.

In my choice to be patient with someone – instead of telling them what I really think, or making it not-so-subtle that they were frustrating me, I asked for the grace to just be patient. I asked for the grace to not be so hasty to answer back, to recognise good qualities in the person, and to thank God for the opportunity to get over myself a little. There must be multiple times a day that other people are patient with me. I know that God is always patient with me. It cost me nothing, but I felt like I gained a lot. Virtue building 1 – Steph 1…win-win!

Feeling my baby kick – this baby kicks a lot while I’m eating (obviously loves food like her Mumma). I feel the baby’s kicks in different ways every time yet I still feel joy at every single one. I couldn’t count how many times a day it happens, but I find myself being distracted from what I’m doing instantly to turn my attention to my belly and affirm ‘yes, I’m here, and I know you’re there!’. Maybe this is a little glimpse into what it’s like for God to take delight in us. For Him to recognise our movements towards him, and in trying to get his attention, He turns His attention towards us too.

In Scripture – I usually read scripture all the time as my ‘daily prayer’. For some reason, I took a break from reading the Bible every day and just recently remembered how much I love it. “There is a season for everything” even in prayer! So, I dusted off my old gal and got ready to highlight to my heart’s content. Then I saw that the reading was from revelation and might have done a little eye-roll (it’s not my favourite, not that I have favourites…) the book of Revelation (to me) sometimes seems a bit dramatic and crazy. But, what I discovered felt like it was written specifically to me. “I know your works, your labour, and your endurance, you have not grown weary, BUT you have lost the love you had at first.” – I thought – hey! He’s speaking to me! God sees all that I do for Him, but I had forgotten for a little while, my first love. I hadn’t forgotten God, or that I love Him, just that He is/should be first! And with that, lost sight a little of why I love Him. He was reminding me gently and it was exactly what I needed.

My encounters with God seemed small at the time, but after reflecting on them more I felt like it was in the ‘small things’ that He sometimes speaks the loudest. Why not give it a go this week and see what you find!