These words are a promise - advent series

"For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Lord, as water covers the sea.”

Can you imagine there being a day that the whole world knows, and loves, Jesus? It seems surreal to think about. Do you have people in your life without faith? Can you imagine them coming to Church with you, talking about prayer, or raising their hands with praise beside you? For me, those people are my family. I think their faith is in there, maybe, just hidden away under a few layers. I believe that they know of God, but do they really know Him? I pray all the time for them to truly experience His love and truth in their lives, but sometimes it seems like I’m making a wish as I blow out candles instead of praying in faith that this could be a reality.

Prophets, disciples and even Jesus himself tell us so many times throughout scripture that one day everyone will know God. Do you have trouble believing that this can happen? The scriptures, particularly around this time of Advent are used to stir our hearts for what is to come. Remember, Isaiah was written around 700 years BEFORE Jesus was born but he starts to tell a story to the people of the time (and us!) of the person, the saviour, who will be coming to us soon. These words spoken in Scripture aren’t just a high hope, or a maybe-this-might-happen. These words to us are a promise. Advent is a season that is supposed to peak our anticipation and excitement. Not just for baby Jesus to be born, but for what it actually means for Christ to come into the world, our world, and how we have been forever changed since! We can start by recognising our own need for a Saviour and keep preparing our corners of the world to be filled with the knowledge of the Lord. 

This Sunday's Scripture readings:
ISAIAH 11:1-10 | PSALM 72:1-17 | ROMANS 15:4-9 | MATTHEW 3:1-12