My Day at Ignite Launch.

Last year I went to Ignite Launch at Movie World, since then I have been really getting my faith. I’ve been going to youth groups, Ignite Live every month and Summer Camp. So I was really excited to go again this year and I wasn’t disappointed. There was atmosphere was phenomenal and everyone there was having a great time. All around me, wherever my friends and I went, there were Ignite crew members in bright red t-shirts up for a chat with smiling faces.

Movie World is for everyone, especially thrill seekers like myself, everyone is welcome there, and everyone has a place there. All day my friends and I ran from ride to ride in search of a short line (and a good time). I even got one of my good friends, who is petrified by the thought of rollercoasters, to jump on the Superman Escape with us! Honestly, that was a major achievement in itself.

This day was great but I was even more keen for later that night. Once the sun started to set and the park shut we all sat down to hang out with our new friends for dinner, then we headed into the Spooky Castle for the rally. As much as I loved running around all day and jumping on every rollercoaster and fast ride I could find, nothing could compare to how I felt during the rally. If you’ve never been to one, or you’re not sure what they are, at Ignite Launch a live band plays some awesome music (and we mosh), and there’s also a speaker, some testimonies and a whole lot more great praise and worship music. If you want to check one out, maybe you could come to Ignite LIVE this June.

The amazing rush and joy I experienced whilst dancing around singing about my love for Jesus with emmanuelworship, Ignite Youth community and the hundreds of other young people there is indescribable. I’ll admit, my first rally was pretty intimidating, watching all these people expressing their faith so freely, and they weren’t embarrassed at all.  But I found my confidence to take a leap of faith and really commit myself – and I’ve never looked back since. This beautiful community opened its arms to me and so many others through Ignite Launch and I am sincerely grateful. 


Kirra is from Brisbane, she goes to Ignite High and is an all round legend!