We asked one of our mates about his day at Ignite Launch ...

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For the last five years, I’ve been going to Ignite Launch, for me is kind of like Christmas in May. This year I drove down to the Gold Coast with some friends and got straight into the thrill rides. We went on every ride, from the Green Lantern to Scooby Doo and they were all great fun, but my favourite by far was definitely the DC Rivals Hyper Coaster, it was so fast but just kept going!


As we went from ride to ride we said hi to people that we knew and made heaps of friends with people we didn’t. The environment at Movie World is always fun and exciting and it makes you feel like a little kid, it’s awesome. Even though the rides and attractions were super fun, the best part of the day for me, came after the rides had closed.


After dinner and some good chats, everybody went inside the Legends Room, where DJ Raff hosted a dance party, after a bunch of great songs and plenty of dancing, Emmanuel Worship came up and kept it going. Then later on, we sat down to listen to the speaker Pete, talk about some of his experiences. He shared about the impact Jesus had on his life when he was at school and I found that a lot of what he said was relatable and hit home with me. After Pete was finished the band was invited back up to stage, and they led us in some more prayer and worship. In that moment, I felt very much at peace, and since Launch I’ve been trying to relate more to God in my everyday life, having been inspired from my mountain top experience at Ignite Launch.


I’m sure that my experience at Launch was just one of many great ones. Later on this year in the September/October holidays we’re all going to be getting back together again at Ignite Conference, it’s an even bigger and better version of Launch with tons of praise and worship and amazing speakers and loads more friends to make. I’d love for you to consider coming to Conference, and hopefully I’ll see you there!   John  :-)