Five Awkward Moments Everyone has at Mass

There’s no denying it, at some point you have made at least one of these ‘no-no’s’ at Mass. Or maybe you're five for five – join the club! Just for fun, we’re looking at five awkward moments we all have at Mass.

1.      Getting there late … and all the seats at the back are taken.

Everybody is stood up and you’re trying to scope out where the empty seats are, and of course they’re right up the front. OK, wait till everyone starts sitting down for the first reading then make a run for it! Just don’t make eye contact with anyone till you have sat down.

2.      I believe in One God the Father Almighty … um where are the words?

 ‘Pfft I totally know the creed, wait which one is it? The one with the big words?’ Ah, there’s no projector and you can’t get your hands on the words. Mouth along and throw out a line when you know it.

“I believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son … mumble mumble … CONCEIVED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT…”

Though the actual words of the creed are strong and powerful words. They are some of the most uniting words in the world. Millions and millions of people from all over the worlds can step up and profess this. No matter where you are who you are, these words unite us not just as Catholics but as Christians. The call us on and clarify what we are here for. In fact Hillsong Worship found the words of the creed so important they wrote a song on it. Check out the story here.


3.      Getting distracted and then you look around and you’re the only one still standing up.

You looked outside for 2 seconds! Next thing everyone’s sat down and you feel like you’re volunteering as tribute.

4.      Let us offer each other a sign of peace …

And you turn to the person next to you, arm out ready- oh never mind they are already shaking hands. How about the other side? Nope they’re hugging the person next to them. In front, nope they’re taken. Behind me? Anyone, anyone at all?!

Do you know why we offer peace at Mass? It didn’t come into the Mass until after the Second Vatican Council. It’s not meant to be just a quick hello and wave to those around you. It’s us sharing the peace of Christ. When priest says “Peace I leave you, my peace I give you…” He is quoting Christ (Jn 14:27), it’s one of the last things He said to His disciples. The priest goes onto say, “the peace of the Lord be with you always.” And we respond “And with your spirit” So it’s not just a quick nod and a small smile we offer those around us, it’s sharing the peace of the Lord. It’s us who make the sign but it’s Christ peace that we are sharing.

5.      The Handover …

“The Blood of Christ” Have you got it? I am not letting go until I'm sure you've got it … both hands. I don’t think you've got this mate?

So next time you find yourself in the middle of these awkward moments, don’t stress, we have all done it. Just remember what you’re there for. Or rather who you’re there for.