I Admit It - I'm a Snacker

If I could choose having tapas (a variety of fun appetizers/snacks), over a full main meal, I would choose the small exotic bites of deliciousness every day. Why? Because I’m a snacker and I’m not ashamed to admit it! At a party you’ll almost always find me at the snacks table or on my way to it. In a strange way, my prayer life is not much different.  Let me explain.

Since I was 18, I’ve always tried to make daily prayer ‘my main meal’; something that nourishes me, brings me to life and fills me up for the day ahead. And it does! But, as a snacker, I sometimes find it difficult to sit down for a long time day after day. I’m left feeling like I’m just doing it because I’m ‘meant’ to for some reason.  Was I praying just out of routine and obligation? Where was my heart? I know that I loved this once, so why all of a sudden were things now starting to change?

What's that mean?

So, like the foodie I am, rather than stop praying altogether, I started to embrace ‘snacking on prayer’. 15 minutes of scripture and journaling in the morning.  Cranking up the praise & worship while I cleaned the house. Praying for the person across the street who seems like they could use some extra grace that day. Intentionally praying for the needs of my friends. A bit here and a bit there. Intentionally praying for the needs of my friends.

St Terese of Lisieux said that, “prayer is a surge of the heart.” Sometimes when I’m watching TV, or cleaning the house, or stuck in traffic, I get this feeling, like my heart swells. Suddenly I have this gut feeling, like a desire to connect with God. I have to remind myself that those moments are not a distraction. Prayer is not a distraction from Facebook, study, texting my friends or another episode of Netflix. Prayer is a part of who I am, and who I was created to be. When my heart surges I must remember that worship is a way of life, and the daily habit of prayer is a gift! We can sometimes forget how valuable a gift it is. That’s okay, God doesn’t mind reminding us.

So, when your ‘surge of the heart’ moment happens today, don’t ignore it. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to a quiet place. Stay a while. Connect with the One who wants to connect with you.

Oh, and try Tapas sometime, I totally recommend it!

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people” Eph 6:18

Steph Ransom

Steph grew up in a small village