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  Ben Woodman Youth Alpha

Ben WoodmanYouth Alpha

Meet Ben

Ben is the International Youth Coordinator at Alpha. He and his wife, Melissa, live in Vancouver, British Columbia where he worked as a youth pastor for 10 years before joining the team at Alpha.


  Fr Rob Galea Stronger Youth

Fr Rob GaleaStronger Youth

Meet Fr Rob

Fr Rob Galea is a passionate, internationally known, musician and speaker, with a drive to draw others to the heart of God. As the founder of FRG Ministry and a priest in the diocese of Sandhurst, Victoria, he and his team minister to over 200, 000 people each year. This ministry serves both students and teachers. Fr Rob has been featured in national newspapers and magazines across Australia and has worked with renowned musicians such as Guy Sebastian, Paulini and Gary and Natasha Pinto.


  Gary & Natasha Pinto Singer & Songwriters

Gary & Natasha PintoSinger & Songwriters

Meet Gary & Natasha

Australian born, Gary and Natasha Pinto bring with them a wealth of musical experience. Gary is known for his work with Guy Sebastian on ‘Receive the Power,’ the official song of World Youth Day 2008 as well as his work as a mentor backstage on X-Factor. Natasha has spent time mentoring young musicians as well as working with prominent artists across the USA.


  Brendan Malone Focus on the Family NZ

Brendan MaloneFocus on the Family NZ

Meet Brendan

Brendan Malone is the head of education and media for Focus on the Family New Zealand. For the past 13 years he has been working full-time in life, marriage and family ministry, with a special emphasis on pro-life issues. He regularly speaks around New Zealand and Australia, and runs an annual pro-life training internship in New Zealand and Australia. He was previously head of young adult ministry for the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch. Brendan has a passion for seeing Catholics flourish in their baptismal call to an active participation in evangelism built on Christian-love-in-action and a faithful and clear communication of the truth with excellence. He is married to Katie and together they have 4 beautiful daughters and one rambunctious son.

  Ellen Hales Diocese of Lismore

Ellen HalesDiocese of Lismore

Meet Ellen

Ellen Hales has served with a range of ministries, NET Australia, CSYMA, APSE Mission's, Christian Surfers and Parish ministry. She in now employed by the Lismore Catholic Schools Office to assists the training and coordination of school based Youth Ministry Offices in the Lismore Diocese and pursues every opportunity to be a vessel of the Holy Spirit in this fast paced secular culture. Website

  Mario Borg Acts 2 CoME

Mario BorgActs 2 CoME

Meet Mario

Mario is head of Youth Ministry at Acts 2 College of Mission & Evangelisation and the Director of 24:7 Youth Ministry which operates School Retreats & 9 youth groups for 13 Catholic Parishes across Perth. Mario is also a coordinator in Disciples of Jesus Catholic Community. Website


From Our Team

  Kym Keady  Ignite Youth

Kym Keady Ignite Youth

Meet Kym

Kym Keady is the Director of Ignite Youth, with over 25 years experience in youth ministry. As a counsellor, author, inspirational speaker, wife and mum to 3 teenagers, she continues to draw on her passion to help young people realise their potential and worth. Kym is also a co-founder of 'Real Talk' - a ministry designed to help young people understand the value of sex and relationships. Website

  Pat Keady  Emmanuel Community

Pat Keady Emmanuel Community

Meet Pat

Pat Keady is an author, speaker, worship leader, songwriter and church renewal leader. He is Moderator of the Emmanuel Community and has also served as Director to its ministries; emmanuelworship and Ignite Youth along with a team of legends. Pat is dressed by his amazing wife Kym and his three awesome children. Website

  Ronan McGinniss  Ignite Youth Perth

Ronan McGinniss Ignite Youth Perth

Meet Ronan

Ronan McGinniss is the Coordinator of Ignite Youth Perth. He has been involved in youth ministry and leadership development for twelve years. Over this time he has been involved in three organisations, Youth Impact, The Catholic Guy and GRIP Leadership. Ronan has played a key role in helping all of them grow significantly and increase in influence. Ronan is both passionate and experienced in evangelism, leadership development, and making faith and life enjoyable! He speaks to approximately 20,000 teenagers each year and lives with his wife and daughter in Perth, Western Australia. Facebook

  Tash Mierendorf  Ignite Youth

Tash Mierendorf Ignite Youth

Meet Tash

Tash is the Ignite Conference Sponsorship Coordinator and serves on the Ignite Youth Leadership team. She is involved in ministry to Young Adults and development of the Ignite Grow resources. She has over 8 years of youth ministry experience, including volunteering and working for NET Ministries Australia. Married to Stephen and mother of two, Tash is passionate about young adults being supported their Catholic faith and resourcing the Church to evangelise. Website

  Roby Curtis  Blind Eye Ministries

Roby Curtis Blind Eye Ministries

Meet Roby

Roby Curtis is the founder of Blind Eye Ministries where he works on the frontline in ministry to the homeless and indigenous. His work involves sharing his Catholic faith with those in homeless hostels and in remote Indigenous Communities. He is passionate about young Catholics embracing the poor in their locals communities and seeking to provide opportunities of Church and Christian Community for them. He is also a worship leader and songwriter with emmanuelworship. He is a husband and father of 6 children and his family play a fundamental role in his ministry involvements. Website

  Luke Plant  Ignite Youth

Luke Plant Ignite Youth

Meet Luke

Luke Plant is one of the Coordinators of the Ignite Conference, Administrator of Emmanuel Community and a member of Ignite Youth's leadership team. He served as Youth Ministry Coordinator for Emmanuel Community for 10 years (2003-2013). During this time he was instrumental in developing and overseeing Emmanuel's youth ministry, founding Ignite Youth's Summer Camp and other events. Luke has been involved in ministry for 20 years since he was a teenager, is married to Emma and together are raising two fantastic kids. Website Facebook

  Brigid Todd Ignite Youth

Brigid ToddIgnite Youth

Meet Brigid

Brigid Todd is part of the Ignite Youth Leadership Team, with responsibility for ministry to young adults. Full bio to come.

  Liam Desic Ignite Youth

Liam DesicIgnite Youth

Meet Liam

Liam Desic is part of the Ignite Youth Leadership Team and is a drummer for emmanuelworship. He is passionate about creating top quality resources for youth ministries and engaging with young people who are new to faith in creative and relatable ways.

  Nick Kelly Ignite Youth

Nick KellyIgnite Youth

Meet Nick

Nick Kelly started his journey in youth ministry in 2012 as a youth group leader, followed by 2 years with NET Australia, time as a Campus Minister before finally starting with Ignite Youth. He is a point leader for Ignite LIVE, Launch and Summer Camp, and serves as part of the Ignite Leadership Team. Nick is excited for the future of the church, and is set on fire to help shape it.

  Renee Doyle Emmanuel Community

Renee DoyleEmmanuel Community

Meet Renee

Full bio to come

  Karl Brown  Ignite Youth Perth

Karl Brown Ignite Youth Perth

Meet Karl

Karl Brown has been investing in youth formation and development for the last 15 years. Having worked in youth and young adult ministry and university campus ministry, he has also been part of the academic staff in the Theology and Philosophy faculty at the University of Notre Dame Australia, as well as the Catholic Institute of Western Australia at Edith Cowan University. A passionate communicator and storyteller, Karl is currently completing a Master of Theology by Research in the area of discipleship and spiritual formation. He lives with his wife and two cats in Perth, Western Australia. Website

  Madelene Wilson Ignite Youth

Madelene WilsonIgnite Youth

Meet Maddie

A Brisbane local, Madelene has been working in youth ministry since she was 17. Since 2013, she has worked for NET Canada, NET Australia and now Ignite Youth as a Pastoral Support worker. Madelene is passionate about making a space where young people can hear and experience the unconditional love of God meeting them exactly as they are.

  Katelyn Ross Ignite Youth

Katelyn RossIgnite Youth

Meet Katelyn

Katelyn Ross is the Conference Performance Coordinator and Youth Event Administrator for Ignite Youth, with 5 years of experience working in youth ministry and over 10 years experience performing onstage. She is also a national presenter for Real Talk Australia with her husband Matthew, and her heart is in sharing God's true plan for life with young people. She has danced both professionally and at high school, and has been the dance coordinator of Ignite Conference since 2014. She specialises in contemporary, jazz, and loves to throw a little tap and hip hop into the mix to keep things interesting. She has recently graduated with a Bachelor of International Relations & Peace and Conflict Studies, and has undertaken researching internships with non-government organisations. She believes in the dignity of each person and our responsibility through Catholic Social Teaching to promote justice, peace and care for the poor. Website

Workshop Presenters

A full list of workshop presenter will be available in July 2018, along with the full schedule of workshop electives.

  Arnie Hurdoyal NET Ministries 

Arnie HurdoyalNET Ministries 

Meet Arnie

Bio to come

  Lorraine McCarthy Alpha Australia

Lorraine McCarthyAlpha Australia

Meet Lorraine

Bio to come

  Gerard Trolove Real Talk Australia

Gerard TroloveReal Talk Australia

Meet Gerard

Gerard has been involved in youth ministry and leadership for the last 8 years. As a full-time employee of Real Talk International Gerard has the pleasure of speaking to over 10,000 young people every year. Gerard is from New Zealand and is a carpenter by trade. So, if you need someone to knock up your back deck, he is your man. He has a love of the outdoors and surfing. He is passionate about life and living it to the full and desires that all people experience what is good and true.

  Judy Bowe Missionaries of God's Love Sisters

Judy BoweMissionaries of God's Love Sisters

Meet Judy

Judy Bowe MGL wants her whole life to be focused on being in love with Jesus. She has studied Education, Theology, Spirituality, Counselling and Leadership. Her favourite activities are running, swimming, eating, doing creative stuff, laughing with people and listening to their stories about God. She is ambitious to develop, and help others develop, an audacious trust in God’s love.

  Matthew Ross Real Talk Australia

Matthew RossReal Talk Australia

Meet Matthew

Matthew has served in youth ministry in various capacities over the last few years, working in parish ministry and presenting for Real Talk since 2015. In 2014, he spent a year doing youth work as part of NET Ministries. He is currently completing his studies in Secondary Teaching at Australian Catholic University with a keen interest in Literature and Theological Studies. Matthew desires that every young person would come to know their true value, worth and dignity. He lives in Brisbane with his wife Katelyn, and they have recently celebrated the birth of their first child, Samuel.

  Fr Marty Larsen Vocations Brisbane

Fr Marty LarsenVocations Brisbane

Meet Fr Marty

Fr Marty has come from the Maroochydore Parish, where he was an Associate Pastor for three years. He has been ordained for three and a half years. In his life before priesthood he was a waiter, a chef, a security guard, worked for the SES and was a secondary school teacher. Fr Marty is currently the Associated Director for vocations as well the Associate Pastor for Jubilee Catholic Parish in the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

  Nikki Lysaght Real Talk Australia

Nikki LysaghtReal Talk Australia

Meet Nikki

Nikki is currently a Presenter and the Primary Schools Manager at Real Talk Australia. After studying a Bachelor of Business in Journalism Nikki went on to complete a Bachelor of Education and Masters of Religious Education. She has 18 years experience teaching in Catholic Education and 10 years as an Assistant Principal Religious Education. Nikki has been involved in Catholic Youth & Young Adult Ministry for more than 20 years and loves sharing her life’s wisdom with others. She is passionate and creative and loves making life engaging and interesting. As a wife and mother of 3 children aged 9 – 13 Nikki is experiencing first hand the joys and challenges that come with parenting tweens to teens.

  Zac Parnell NET Ministries

Zac ParnellNET Ministries

Meet Zac

Bio to come

  Fr Stanley Orji Vocations Brisbane

Fr Stanley OrjiVocations Brisbane

Meet Fr Stanley

Fr Stanley is currently the Vocations Director for the Archdiocese of Brisbane. Ordained a priest of the Archdiocese in 2013, he has served as Associate Pastor in Jubilee Parish and Burleigh Heads. He later served as the Administrator of Burleigh Heads Parish. Working with people and helping others to see the best version of themselves is one of Fr Stanley’s greatest passions.

  Odyn McInness Ignite Youth

Odyn McInnessIgnite Youth

Meet Odyn

Odyn McInnes is Point Leader of Ignite High, Ignite Youth’s high school program, and has been involved in youth ministry through NET Ministries and Red Frogs. In his other life, he studied archaeology and is currently completing a Masters degree in Teaching.

  Cosme Cham Vocations Brisbane

Cosme ChamVocations Brisbane

Meet Cosme

Bio to come