Ignite Launch 2019 FAQ

Q. Do parent’s need to attend?


No, not if they don’t want to. Ignite Launch is an event primarily for high schoolers and young adults, although if they would like to attend (and purchase a ticket for themselves) they are more than welcome.


Q. What will they need to bring?

Bring what you would normally need for a day at Movie World. Some specifics could include: Water bottle, money for bag lockers, packed lunch, phone, camera.
Please don’t bring valuables (aside from the necessities) to Ignite Launch. We cannot be responsible for lost property at Ignite Launch/ Movie World.


Q. What does the ticket include?

Full day ticket to Movie World

Welcome Pack, Dinner, Entry to the After Dark Dance Party and entry to the Ignite Launch Night Rally after the park closes.

Head over to the 2019 Ignite Launch Delegate Page for more detailed info