Over the years, many groups have found that attending the Ignite Conference together increases the bonds of friendship in the group as they share an experience together, and also increases dramatically the positive impact of the conference on your parish, school or organisation when you return home. The more people who become involved in the experience of Ignite Conference, the more people you will have back in your parish, school or organisation after the event is over who will share a vision for renewed Church ministries (eg youth ministry, worship, liturgy, mission, etc), as well as having personal ownership and investment in the group’s direction and involvement in your local church context.

Download the Group Leader Prep Guide

Please note the following points:

  • The group rate applies to groups of 10 or more. Groups can be a mix of adult and student registrations, however Ignite Kids do not contribute to a group size due to the different nature of the Ignite Kids stream.
  • The first 10 registrations must be registered together with a nominated group leader. Additional group members can be added later. The cost for additional members would be according to the date they register.
  • It is possible to register your group at the Earlybird rate even if you don’t have names/individual registrations yet – see below for details.

Steps to register a group:

  • Groups should be registered online as normal. Group Leaders may wish to use the Paper Registration Form to collect the details for each individual member. The group leader may choose to print enough forms for the group, or ask each group member to download their own form.
  • Each member completes the registration form and returns the form to the group leader, who then completes the registration process online. (You may also prefer to send us the paper registration forms directly, at a fee of $10/person)
  • A Parental Consent Form also needs to be completed for any members of the group who are under the age of 18.