Be part of the team on the ground in your local area.  Help get the word out about Ignite Conference and organise a group from your parish, school, university or movement.

Promotional Material:

  • Promo packs are available with brochures, posters and more. Contact us to receive a pack to promote in your area.

  • Promotional items including web banners, newsletter ads and more are available from our downloads page.

Downloads Page will be coming soon

Social Media

  • You can also help get the word out via Facebook, Twitter or your website! Be present online and let your friends know you're coming. You are welcome to post the promo video and other information, or just share them from the Ignite Youth facebook page.


  • The promotional video is created to be shared and shown to youth groups, school assemblies, Masses and youth events. Check out the promo video and share it around!.

A great way to get the word out is sharing the promo video via Facebook.

If you want something specifically designed, or if there’s any way we can help you promote in your area, just let us know.


Volunteer Expression of Interest Forms will be available in May 2018


Financial contributions go a long way to helping make the Ignite Conference viable, not just covering this year’s costs but establishing it as an affordable event for the future. There are two ways you may like to give:

General Donation

General donations received go towards the overall costs of putting on the Ignite Conference, in order to keep the registration fees as low as possible to help ensure cost is not an obstacle for young people to attend. You can make a one-off or begin a regular donation via credit card on our Support Page, or contact us to donate in other ways.

Solidarity Fund:

The Solidarity Fund goes directly towards the registration and associated costs of young people who would otherwise be unable to attend the Ignite Conference. Types of people your solidarity could support:

  • Youth from rural Australia – $800
  • Disadvantaged young people (homeless/those from families in difficult situations)
    • Registration and travel/accommodation assistance – $500
    • Registration only – $250

You can donate to the Solidarity Fund via the registration page, or contact


“I was sponsored to attend the Ignite Conference last year. My life will never be the same. I was welcomed by so many at the conference and was given the opportunity to share my story. I have found great purpose in my life since the conference: I’m committed to helping others with similar struggles. Ignite Conference was one of the best experiences of my life!” – Johnno

Ignite Youth:

To find out about giving to the broader ministry of Ignite Youth, click here.


One of the incredible benefits of the Ignite Conference is that young people not only delve deeper into their faith but they are also able to encounter many ways of connecting with the Church, discerning their vocation and serving in mission. Last year the Ignite Conference was supported by over 40 partner organisations and ministries. We invite you to partner with Ignite Conference by taking up a Sponsorship Package.

With over 1300 teenagers, adults and ministry leaders expected from around Australia, the Ignite Conference is one of the best opportunities you have this year to engage with young Catholics!

If you would like information about becoming an Ignite Conference Sponsor, please contact us for a Sponsorship Pack.

If you would like more information or would like to get involved in any
other ways, please contact us - we'd love to hear from you!