Conditions of Registration - Ignite Conference

Registration for Ignite Conference requires consent to the conditions of participation at the event.

  • For delegates under the age of 18, a Parental Consent form is required to be completed and sent prior to the event.
  • For delegates attending as part of a Group (10+), the Group Leader is responsible for collecting the required consent and indemnities to meet the needs of their registration for the conference.


By completing the registration process, delegates agree to the following:

I understand that while every reasonable precaution will be undertaken to ensure my protection, I hereby release Emmanuel Community, authorised Staff and Volunteers (“Emmanuel Community”) from any and all liability in the event of any injury, accident, misfortune, damage or loss that may occur to me and/or my property while present at the Ignite Conference. Further, I indemnify Emmanuel Community from and against all loss, including legal expenses, connected with or arising from any claims or demands in relation to my attendance at Ignite Conference.

Medical Treatment Consent: 
I give permission for Emmanuel Community to obtain emergency medical, hospital or ambulance assistance and/or treatment for me at any time they consider necessary. I acknowledge that I will be liable for any medical, hospital or ambulance expense incurred in my treatment and I agree to pay those expenses. 

Privacy Declaration:
I understand that Emmanuel Community may collect information about me in accordance with their Privacy Policy, and that this information may be disclosed to certain parties it engages to organise the event. I consent to these details being used by Emmanuel Community for the promotion of future events and resources via post, phone, email and sms. I can elect to have my details removed from their database at any time. I understand that Ignite Conference will be captured in photographs, video and audio, and that Emmanuel Community reserves the right to use this material for promotional purposes or other resources.

[Emmanuel Community’s Privacy Policy is available at]